Safety Recall

The Bonne Bell Company is committed to manufacturing and selling only the best quality products. For over 80 years, safety has been a top priority for the Company and we realize that you depend on us to provide safe, quality products for your family. Unfortunately, we have determined that a limited number of our collections include an accessory bag some of which have a metal clasp that does not conform to our safety standards. Some of the clasps, which attach to the zipper pull on these accessory bags, have been determined to contain excess levels of lead. As a result, The Bonne Bell Company, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, is voluntarily recalling three Smackers collections: Sweet Treats, Sparkle & Shine and Glam It Up; and four BONNEBELL collections: Fresh Pinks, Pretty Pinks, Natural Neutrals and Glamorous Neutrals. The cosmetics contained within the bags do not pose any health risks and are not included in this recall.

Sparkle & Shine Collection
UPC # 0 5005150576 4
Sweet Treats Collection
UPC # 0 5005150575 7
Glam It Up Collection
UPC # 0 5005150577 1
Pretty Pinks Collection
UPC # 0 5005122641 6
Fresh Pinks Collection
UPC # 0 5005122642 3
Natural Neutrals Collection
UPC # 0 5005122640 9
Glamorous Neutrals Collection
UPC # 0 5005122643 0
UPC numbers can be located on the back of the hang tags.

The Bonne Bell Company is asking that all recalled bags be taken away from young children immediately. While there have been no reports of incidents or injuries related to this recall, The Bonne Bell Company solemnly regrets any inconvenience and apologizes for any concern caused by this product recall.

In the event that you purchased one or more of these collections, The Bonne Bell Company is offering to replace the bag(s) free of charge. To receive your replacement bag(s), simply send your name and mailing address to:

  • (email) or
  • (phone) The Bonne Bell Recall Hotline at 1.866.288.8643 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday

With this information, we will send you a postage pre-paid mailing envelope. Place the recalled accessory bag in the envelope and affix the mailing label to the outside of the envelope. Drop it in any Mailbox. You will receive your replacement bag within four to six weeks after your package is received.

Please keep the Smackers and BONNEBELL cosmetics that were in the bag as they are not part of the recall.

The Bonne Bell Company hopes that you will continue to enjoy our products with confidence. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance with this recall.

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